Igauzu - s/t. 1984 England

Igauzu - s/t. 1984 Music Factory

No reissues!

As mentioned on my return back to this blog, I will occasionally be featuring albums that would have normally found their way onto the CD Reissue Wish List in the past (and noted with the blog label to your right (and below) as CDRWL). Often times, I won't even own a copy myself (as is the case here), beyond maybe having a CD-R. So if there's no red or green on the record labels, you'll know that's the situation. Some (not all) of these albums have been dumped onto YouTube in recent years, so you may want to check over there if curious. In addition, I won't be adding back the Priority appellation in these notes. As noted before, I do keep Priority 1 and Priority 2 lists over at RYM as a reference. You'll have to look over there to see if I added a particular album or not. :-) However, anything I add to the UMR will most assuredly be something I enjoy. OK, onto Igauzu...


Very obscure UK band with a Latin tinged fusion sound. First half of their sole album is a light and breezy fusion with flute and acoustic guitar in the lead role with wordless male/female vocals. At this point, I was recalling Galie from Mexico or perhaps Brazil's Cheiro de Vida. The second half becomes aggressively edgier, with more guest stars on electric guitar, synthesizer, and saxophone - almost to the point of freaky, and thus the revelation of a great find is at hand. However there's no denying its 1984 heritage (especially in the keyboard tones and overall production). Despite that fact, this is something of an essential work.


  1. Very good album. It's actually played by some
    All Star lineup (before they became famous).

    It's Sting's Guitarists Dominic Miller's band
    featuring guys from bands like Level 42, T'Pau,
    PiL, Stevie Winwood, Michael Jackson etc. etc.

    All the best,

    1. Very cool. I didn't know that! Thanks for the info TheH!

  2. Lineup as far as I remember

    Dominic Miller (Guitars, Synths, Vocals, Percussion),
    Dave Heath (Flute),
    [The Kennedy Experience, Nigel Kennedy]
    Andy Barron (Drums),
    [very well known Jazz Drummer]
    Scott Firth (Bass)
    [Pil,Melanie C, Joan Armatrading, Morcheeba, Steve Winwood,Toni Braxton, Elvis Costello etc. etc.]
    Paul Carmichael (Bass),
    [IOU Band, Soft Machine, Barbara Thomson’s Paraphernalia etc. etc.]
    Mike Lindup (Synths),
    [Level 42]
    Spencer Cozens (Synths),
    [Jacqui McShee’s Pentangle,John Martyn]
    Peter Griffiths (Synths),
    [John Foxx, Bronski Beat, Shoc Corridor]
    Dominic Alldis (Synths),
    [Founder of Canzona Music lable]
    Anne Wood (Violin),
    [Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal National Theatre, Deacon Blue, Massive Attack, Elvis Costello]
    Lindsay Moore (Lead & Backing Vocals),
    Jeff Gordon (Saxophone),
    Bill Innes (Saxophone),
    [Wet Wet Wet,Fish]
    Taj 'Wammy' Wyzgowski (Electric Guitar Solos),
    [T'Pau, Ray Wilson, John Martyn]
    Eugenio Suarez (Percussion).



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