Gift - Blue Apple. 1974 Germany

Gift - Blue Apple. 1974 Nova

CD reissues: 1994 OHB (as A German Legend w/ the first album) (Switzerland); 1998 Telefunken

LP reissue: 2016 Long Hair

Gift is a good example of why I'm somewhat reticent of the all-encompassing Krautrock tag. It means many things to many people. I first heard this album via the bootleg Germanofon CD near on 20 years ago, and didn't think much of the music at all. Well it certainly wasn't the Krautrock I was looking for! And I hardly was a kid back then - what? 31-32 maybe? I recently obtained the Telefunken (EastWest) CD and now I hear the album for what it is: Organ driven German hard rock, another genre I'm quite fond of. What you'll find here is a mix of Night Sun, Gomorrha, Epitaph, Birth Control, Dies Irae, and Fly to The Rainbow era Scorpions (listen to the two part 'Reflections' for the latter reference). The album starts off rather straightforward, though the title track features an abundance of flute-tape mellotron, not exactly a staple of the hard rock medium. Starting with 'Don't Waste Your Time', things become obviously more progressive... and more interesting for this listener anyway. There's even some heavy Italian prog references towards the end, especially the closer. Yea, I blew the call on this one. No doubt my rating on the debut is off too, but that's for another day...

The Telefunken CD has a nice sound with a small history of the band and lyrics. Surprisingly there have been no legitimate LP reissues to date, especially considering the scarcity of the original. There are, however, a lot of pirate editions floating about. 

Oct 2016 update: Long Hair must have been following our blog, as they now have announced a legit reissue of this album on LP!

Last update: October 23, 2016

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