Duello Madre - s/t. 1973 Italy

Duello Madre - s/t. 1973 Produttori Associati

CD reissues: 1993 Mellow; 2008 Vinyl Magic/BTF

LP reissue: 2008 Vinyl Magic/BTF

Superbly executed jazz rock from this one-off Italian prog band, that featured a supergroup of sorts (Osage Tribe, Nuova Idea, Circus 2000). Musically could be compared to Embryo of the same era, with disjointed and hypnotic bass lines, jumpy electric guitar, wailing sax, and beautiful flute. It's not a solo-over-standard-beat-bass album as has been proposed, but rather a fully realized work, with intense jamming sections, melodic composition, coupled with atmospheric parts (including some fine Italian vocals on the first track). First half of the album combines jazz with Italian flavored progressive rock, whereas the flip side goes more for a deep jazz rock groove. Excellent representation of the genre circa 1973.

The Mellow CD is certainly nothing to write home about. Clearly taken from vinyl, and a whooshy, noisy one at that. Not sure about later reissues from BTF, but history suggests they won't be much better (though I need to hear it first to be sure). Originals are off the charts expensive, so I'm not likely to compare with that I'm afraid.

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