Amoeba Split - Second Split. 2016 Spain

Amoeba Split are a band from Galicia, in the far northwest of Spain, who play a decidedly UK form of progressive rock: That of the Canterbury movement. Second Split is appropriately enough the band's sophomore effort. It's been 6 years since their debut, and they're now missing one key component - the female voice of Maria Toro. And with that, the late Canterbury sounds of National Health have fled the scene. No matter, as the all instrumental Amoeba Split have stayed the course, and have arguably released an even better album, demonstrating their experience over style. Opener 'Clockwise' is a clear homage to Soft Machine's Third, at that perfect point in 1970 where psychedelic, progressive rock, and jazz meet. Further in the album, 'Backwards all the Time' is once again a tribute to Soft Machine, this time emulating their 1971 sound, and thus tilts more towards the jazz side of the equation. 'Those Fading Hours' blends Canterbury with David Cross like violin, that gives an odd King Crimson vibe, which is unique and very satisfying. 'About Life, Memories and Yesteryears' once again marries Canterbury sounds with something unusual - this time symphonic progressive rock. Perhaps even a trace of Genesis can be heard. But the best for me was 'Sundial Tick' where the band finally demonstrates a bit of their native heritage, though further east towards Catalonia. And hear they blend their trademark sound with that of the classic Gotic album, and is truly splendid. Overall, a fantastic second album, and hopefully we hear from the band more frequently than every 6 years.

Personal collection
CD: 2016 Azafran (Mexico)

The CD comes in a fine mini-LP.

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