Algarnas Tradgard - Framtiden.... (Archival). 1971-1972 Sweden

This entry is strictly to celebrate, and make everyone aware of, the recent Subliminal Sounds 2 LP release. We have the 1972 album on Silence already featured here.

Älgarnas Trädgård - Framtiden Är Ett Svävande Skepp, Förankrat I Forntiden. 1971-1972. Archival

CD issue: none

LP issue: 2015 Subliminal Sounds (2 LP set including the original album)

Here's the breakdown of the archival material, which is featured on album #2.

Side 3 ('A Warm Wave of Lunar Mist' and 'The Mirrors of Gabriel') was recorded at The Museum of Art in Gothenburg (1972)
Side 4 ('Rings of Saturn') was recorded at Hagahuset, Gothenburg (1971)
Side 4 ('In the Mode of the Ancient') unknown
Side 4 ('Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom') was recorded at Gardetfest, Stockholm (1971)

The music found on these archival recordings are very much like the legendary album on LP #1. The sound quality is very good, though a bit low volume in the mix overall. It's wild and woolly instrumental psychedelic music - as performed by a band from 1,000 years ago - or a 1,000 years in the future. Who would know?

BTW - these bonus tracks are not the same as any of the CD bonus tracks, nor do they have anything to do with the later Delayed album. These are completely unique to this LP release.

Also, in reading the liner notes, I'm quite fascinated by the political climate of the era. Like Moving Gelatine Plates in France, Algarnas Tradgard were all about the music, not Leftist ideals. And so they were harassed not by the expected Establishment, but rather militant Communist groups insisting on blind loyalty to the cause. Wow. Two of the greatest, most extreme, and creative bands of the era, destroyed by what one would assume to be allies. How I can relate to this... Oh yes I can.

This 2 LP set is awesome. And it's housed in a gatefold cover where the interior is filled with archival photos. In addition, you will receive a large booklet with historical info penned by band member Dan Soderquist. This will be a keeper until the end of time for sure.

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