Yezda Urfa - Boris. 1975 USA

From the Chicago area, Yezda Urfa represents the logical conclusion to where progressive rock was ultimately heading in its era. The trajectory in popular music from 1967 to 1975 was astounding by any measure. And yet it was just about that same time when the major corporations in music were looking to reign it all in. If you are looking for insanely complex, all-over-the-place, constantly shifting rock music, then Yezda Urfa is your nirvana. Not even in 1973 Italy do you find such insanity, and that was an organized scene where it seemed each band were trying to outdo each other. But, as it turns out, it was in northwest Indiana where the results came in, and Yezda Urfa ended up with the prize. Which is not the same thing as saying they were the best. No, they weren't in my estimation. But they sure were great!

As stated, there were few bands in the world that were more progressive rock oriented than Yezda Urfa. No matter, they still tried hard to achieve a major label signing. Fortunately they kept all their rejection letters to share with us, so we can all have a laugh today. You do have to feel bad for the A&R person at the record company who received the tape for Boris. He or she may have loved every minute of it, but there was NO WAY this band was getting signed up! My favorite comes from London Records: "After listening to your material we have reservations as to its commercial potential...". YA THINK?

The bonus track 'The Basis of Dubenglazy While Dirk Does the Dance', from the Syn-Phonic CD, is just as good as anything from the album proper!

History has a way of vindicating superior art such as this.

Personal collection

CD: 2004 Syn-Phonic
CD: 2010 Belle Antique (Japan)

The original LP is one of the rarest progressive rock albums on the planet, since it was only issued for promo purposes, and very few have ever surfaced. After waiting 15 years for the "artwork", Syn-Phonic finally managed to get this one out to the masses. I picked up the Japan mini as well, just for the heck of it, but it's sourced straight from Syn-Phonic's copy.

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