Two new label designations

Just a quick update since we're rolling again.

One is the 2016 update (and next year will be 2017 update, etc...). These are posts I am updating as I relisten to them, or obtain new data. Mostly they are small changes: Some cosmetic formatting, a slight change to the review, ownership changes, and added discography information. These will be updated as I go, so it'll be slow going and not a priority, but as a reader it gives you an excuse to maybe check some older entries, without me clogging up the top. For any significant changes, I'll just bump the post to the current date.

As well, I added a CDRWL tag. That was the nomenclature we used to self-describe the CD Reissue Wish List. Since that blog is not being maintained, going forward, all albums that do not posses a legitimate CD reissue will gain that tag. So far I only appended one, but there are much more in this blog. But again, not a top priority, just something that if I see it, I'll give it the label.

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