Schicke, Führs & Fröhling / SFF - Sunburst. 1977 Germany

SFF's sophomore release represents a mix of three different aspects of the band: Symphonic progressive, fusion, and electronic. The former is shown via 'Troja', a track that is as great as anything on Symphonic Pictures. 'Wizzard' opens the album in fusion fashion, with a catchy synth line, and a mad rhythm section. 'Artificial Energy' recalls Jade Warrior at a similar time. And so it goes. 'Explorer' plagiarizes Yes a bit, and is the only demerit of an otherwise great album. One that is often overlooked by collectors of 70s progressive rock.

Personal collection
LP: 1977 Brain
CD: 1993 Laser's Edge (USA) w/ Symphonic Pictures and Ticket to Everywhere

One of the rare times I photoed one of my own LP's for this blog (I'm just too lazy otherwise). Inside tip for PPR customers: You will see these photos again soon... :-) This is one of 3 extra LP copies I possess (don't ask why, not sure how that happened really). There are no vinyl reissues, so if you are an LP only collector, the original is the only choice. Fortunately there's plenty of supply out there.

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