French TV - 11: Ambassadors of Good Health and Clean Living. 2016 USA

Ambassadors of Good Health and Clean Living is the 11th album from French TV, who hail from Louisville, Kentucky. Their patented brand of instrumental music typically straddles the fine line between Avant Prog and Canterbury styled fusion. On this effort, the needle definitely points to the former. Even though they are joined here by the fine Japanese band TEE, a band deeply rooted in the European progressive rock tradition, French TV's sound doesn't seem to be affected much by their presence. As is often the case with Avant Prog, the music is intricately composed and superbly executed. All the same, it lacks groove and soul, something I tend to champion more as I get older. Music like this seems charted for performance at a symphony hall. One wishes they'd let their hair down, and kick out the jams brothers and sisters. Oh well, still a fine effort despite the cold calculating disposition. However it does appear the band is on the slow decline to irrelevancy. This one was predictable in its unpredictable metric style.

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CD: 2016 Pretentious Dinosaur

Last listen: May 28, 2016

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