Easter Island - s/t. 1979 USA

Easter Island is an album with a mixed reputation among prog aficionados, but from my perspective, Easter Island is practically the definition of my USA Midwest / Ontario Progressive Rock (1970's/early 80s) list. I do think subjugating oneself into the mindset of the era does enhance the experience. Tons of time changes, counterpoint, multiple harmony layers, mellotron, 70's analog production, and sundry razzle-dazzle will keep the most ADD among you tuned in. I've come across the term "commercial" in reference to this album. Hardly. Unless one thinks 'Gates of Delirium', Mirthrandir, Cathedral, or Yezda Urfa are commercial of course...

Personal collection
LP: 1979 Baal
CD: 2016 Belle Antique

Very rare album in original form, though you'll often see pressing numbers that are lower than the reality. I've seen plenty over the years, but it's never been cheap. Apparently those with a "gold tear" are rarer than the silver, but honestly they probably just ran out of paint. My personal copy has the silver tear for the record. Cover #2 is the Void reissue that we sold a copy of in the last PPR list.  Cover #3 is officially known as Now and Then, and was the first CD pressing. There is almost no "Now" on it, just a short synthesizer prelude and postlude. Cover #4 is the new CD reissue on Belle Antique that replicates the original to the exact detail (note gold tear). This version features two live bonus tracks from the late 70s, but they are very rough sounding, and not worth the purchase price alone. It's the exact same master as Now and Then, so no need for me to keep both. 

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