Cybotron - Sunday Night at the Total Theatre. 1977 Australia

This one's interesting. For years it had been presumed this was a legitimate release made to look like a bootleg. When the internet discographies started out, and the tribal knowledge began to dwindle, this was often (as you see on sites such as RateYourMusic) listed as a bootleg. Well, given that the reissue was licensed from none other than Maxwell himself, it appears the in-the-know crowd was right all along. This is an authorized bootleg. And as some have pointed out, the story that now proliferates about gaining a new found audience via a bootleg probably has some credibility. It's a pity there aren't liner notes to accompany (at least for the LP reissue), to set the record straight as to why they did it this way.

Musically it's closer to Maxwell's Monster Planet than the more dynamic debut from Cybotron. Though part of that is the somewhat lo-fi recording, perhaps another reason why the band chose the "bootleg look". In addition to the two side long space journeys, one half of a rare single from 1978 is included, and is certainly the best sounding of the 3 tracks, though it's not even 4 minutes long.

A good album to own if already a Cybotron fan, or for those who enjoy 70's Berlin School electronic music in the Klaus Schulze tradition. Not top tier by any means, but enjoyable on the whole.

Personal collection
LP: 2013 Dual Planet (USA)

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