Planeta Imaginario - ¿Qué Me Dices? 2004 Spain

Out of nowhere in 2004, arrived Planeta Imaginario, a band who seemed to not be aware of the last 25 years of music before entering the studio. Lucky us. Sounding every bit like a second generation Canterbury band from the late 1970s, Planeta Imaginario absorbed and filtered the best parts out of Soft Machine and Nucleus. The 8 piece band - including 2 sax players, trumpet, trombone, Hammond Organ, Rhodes electric piano and the usual rock band plus guests on flute and percussion - created a most beautiful album from a most beautiful form of melodic jazz rock (Canterbury). And the amplified guitar recalls the greats from the 70s past. I also love the horn charts, well composed and played. It's hard not to think of National Health while listening to this fine debut. Spain had no Canterbury tradition prior to this album, and Planeta Imaginario more or less imported it for the first time (and followed also later by the great Amoeba Split). A superb album, that still sadly appears to be off everyone's radar. Let's see if we can get it a bit of recognition anyway. The band later signed to the prominent Cuneiform label where presumably more fans migrated their way. Their two albums (so far) for the imprint are awesome as well, but don't overlook the debut either.

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CD: 2004 Margen

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