Aardvark - Tuntematon Sotila. 2006 Finland

Finnish band Aardvark are the true modern group, since they all were living/working in various parts of the globe, and yet managed to record a cohesive band effort through the magic of the Internet (and once again, raise a glass high to The Rascal Reporters, who pioneered this idea in the cassette tape / snail mail era). Aardvark were originally presented to me as an amalgam of all things 70s Finnish rock, calling out Kaamos, Nova, and Nimbus as reference. And since I'm an obscure band kinda guy, I was already enthused. Now, to be honest, I was hoping only one of these references would truly check out. Kaamos were pretty middle of the road, and Nova (of Atlantis fame) could be quite boring in reality. But Nimbus - ah yes, now we're talking! Organ rock! Nothing fancy, just good ole' hard rock with plenty of juicy thick organ and loud lead guitar. And doggone if Aardvark didn't do just that, and zoom in on the ghost of Nimbus. Or Sweden's Rag I Ryggen (sure, we'll throw in Blakulla since I'm in name-drop city here). Not sure if this is a one time event, as the group doesn't seem to have any active online presence*, but let's hope they get the itch to send megabytes to each other again.

* I first wrote these notes in 2007, and it appears this was in fact a one time event. The band also recorded one track for the Kalevala epic compilation CD (2004). 

Personal collection
CD: 2006 Mellow (Italy)

Last listen: January 5, 2016

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