Drahk Von Trip - Heart and Consequence. 2005 Sweden

Drahk von Trip are a southern Swedish group who play a unique mix of space rock and aggressive neo psychedelia. A large scale 6 piece band complete with female vocals and plenty of different instrumentation (violin, flute, "vintage synthesizers", multiple percussion contraptions, and some highly unusual wind instruments like the yidaki, a specific type of didgeridoo, as well as the Didjeribone). Some of the guitar work found here is quite inspiring. Though they have elements of many bands from White Willow to Hawkwind to Azalia Snail to Ozric Tentacles to Magma (mainly found in the bass work on 'One of a Kind' and 'Gahn'), Drahk Von Trip do not remind me of any one particular group. 10 lengthy, and somewhat complex, tracks allow for much discovery for each future listen.

Personal collection
CD: 2005 Transubstans

Last listen: 2015

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