The Greatest Show on Earth - The Going's Easy. 1970 England

The Greatest Show on Earth - The Going's Easy. 1970 Harvest. Released in many other countries

UMR feature of Horizons

CD reissues: 1994 Repertoire (Germany); 1995 Si-Wan (Korea); 1997 See For Miles (w/ The Going's Easy); 2005 Repertoire (Germany); 2012 Esoteric

LP reissue: 1995 Si-Wan (Korea)

Greatest Show on Earth's second album demonstrates a musical maturity towards songwriting, but in retrospect, I like both albums about the same regardless. The blues element is brought forward, whereas the pop oriented horn charts are left behind. One step forward, one step back. 'Magic Woman Touch', the album's great hope for a single sees the band heading towards folk rock territory with mixed results. And closer 'Tell the Story' is probably their worst composition to date. Clear highlight for me is the multi-part jazz rock suite 'Love Magnet' which is GSOE's shining moment of their entire career - and a direction I would have liked to see them pursue further. Alas it was not to be, and their two-album-one-year-run was over.

Like Horizons, The Going's Easy is housed in a fine gatefold cover. The Esoteric CD is of the usual fine quality and features full liner notes, with 2 bonus tracks, one coming from a nice single. As stated with the Horizon entry, I would avoid the See For Miles reissue, though in this case, you will at least receive the full The Going's Easy album (but not Horizons). First time I've seen a Si-Wan LP mentioned for this LP, but it's featured on Discogs.

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