The Coalition - Naked Movies. 2004 USA

The Coalition - Naked Movies. 2004 Midlantic (CD)

CD reissue: 2012 Hudson City

Larry Coryell jams with Joe Farrell, as played by The Lumerians with a dash of St. Germain, while trying to emulate Medeski, Martin & Wood. The kind of modern fusion that was all the rage in the early 2000's, and now goes for a penny if you look in the right place. And will be highly collectible in 20 years - when my copy goes for sale. So get those 1 cent copies while you can. The Coalition consists of band members culled from New York City's late night TV scene (Conan O'Brien, Saturday Night Live), so they are highly trained and seasoned. This is with their hair down and presuming no one was looking. With the tapes rolling. Lucky us.

Originals are on the Midlantic label, which is no longer around. Band and label websites are kaput. Album was reissued on Hudson City, which appears to be keyboardist's Scott Healy's own label. Not sure there was a need for a reissue, but if looking for a new copy, it is easy to find on either label.

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