Sinkadus - Aurum Nostrum. 1997 Sweden

Sinkadus. The other 90's Swedish band that consolidated all that was good from the analog early 70s progressive rock scene and created an album from that premise. You can always tell when a reviewer comes from the 90s "scene", on how much they despise the album because it sounds like the almighty  Anglagard. As if the world was filled with such tiresome bands. And yet, had they heard this album without any reference to Anglagard - and in fact many young folks today may do just that by accident - then they would have been justifiably impressed. Despite the fact that there were precisely 933 Genesis imitators by this time, the thought of one other band treading down the same path as Anglagard was simply unacceptable. All real silly in retrospect, and it says more about the reviewers than anything else. The members of Anglagard are the first to admit they didn't create anything new under the sun - just filtered what they liked best from 1973/74 Europe, and went about their business. And it was well received by most everyone - perhaps to the point of religion. And, as such, Sinkadus suffered the unfair accusation of plagiarism (Wobbler were later to be subjected to similar abuse). Don't bother with any of that, and enjoy the album as it is presented. Heavy guitar, Hammond organ, flute, mellotron, woody bass, and Swedish vocals is what you'll hear. All multi-tiered, constantly changing, and melodic. If you're a fan of intricate analog progressive rock circa 1973, hard to imagine not walking away impressed with this one. Unless you have an Anglagard complex. Many do.

Bas adds: "Aurum Nostrum is a great album... I guess. The thing is: I've got the excellent Live at Progfest album, which comes with a bonus disc with some sort of demo version (version 1 as they call it) of Aurum Nostrum. Great music, but I've no idea how it compares to the final version. I'd love to hear that version, but I'm sure it's way OOP and I don't fancy paying over the odds for it, only to find out it's not very different. I guess I could have a listen on youtube to get an idea, though.

Strange how Änglagård got all the plaudits and Sinkadus were labelled copycats. Even if they were, I don't mind: that would mean more Änglagård!"

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CD: 1997 Cyclops (UK)

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