Radio Massacre International - Septentrional. 2006 England

Radio Massacre International have to be viewed as one of the most innovative of recent groups. Certainly within the electronic music space, a field that has the same devotion and non-wavering loyalty to sub-genres as does heavy metal. You're either "Berlin School" or "Ambient" or "Techno" or any other such labels, but you shouldn't be all of them - say many fans. RMI, who started out pretty much strictly "Berlin School", are now all the above and more, with recent excursions into tripped out Krautrock, and whatever else they feel like doing. Septentrional is one of their most polarizing CD albums (their privately released CD-R's are even more controversial). Produced by Ian Boddy, and released on his DiN label, Septentrional is RMI at their most modern and cutting edge. But in a paradoxical way. See, Septentrional has more of that ancient mellotron than any of their other albums. Of course it's put through the production grinder and is echoed, techno'd, phased, manipulated, and ultimately tortured through Boddy's mad scientist lab. It's all rather fascinating. Headphone music for the modern age. If looking for just one composition to leave your jaw hanging, may I suggest 'Trident', which is truly a beautiful thing to hear and behold.

Personal collection
CD: 2006 DiN

Last listen: 2015

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