Manilla Road - Open the Gates. 1985 USA

Nobody mixed riff based metal with psychedelic hard rock better than Manilla Road. All wrapped up with fantasy Medieval lyrics and artwork to cuddle up with. It's a big sloppy mess, but wonderfully so. Imperfection never sounded so good. At times Shelton sounds like Frank Marino, as he noodles away wildly, seemingly without purpose, with a crazy racket storming behind him. 'The Ninth Wave' is yet another perfect Manilla Road epic metal track - one that basically reiterates their invention of the style. Manilla Road are for those of you who like Hollywood leading men with scars and lots of wrinkles. If you came here looking for crisply executed, slickly produced, and perfectly played metal - then you cannot possibly be more lost.

Personal collection
LP: 1985 Black Dragon (France)
CD: 2001 Dragonheart (Italy)

Originals come in a single sleeve but with 2 LP's, one of those a 45 rpm EP.

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  1. Mega fan here. They were (and still are) huge in my country.


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