Locomotive - We Are Everything You See. 1970 England

Locomotive are an interesting band, with their sole album clearly released by Parlophone with big intentions for major acceptance in popular music circles. Many references can be tied to The Moody Blues and The Beatles, but with a contemporary 1970 sound, including horns and a heavy Hammond organ approach. And it just didn't happen for the starstruck band, who dissipated quickly afterward. There's really nothing wrong with the music here, it's definitely an album made up of psych/prog/pop songs geared for the hit parade. There's no artsy pretension or long flights of fancy here. Sure, there's the 3 part 'The Loves of Augustus Abbey' which is about as extreme as Sgt Peppers was, so it's still cuddly fun. In the end, since it's an album made up of structured songs, there's nothing extraordinary here - and nothing terrible either. All very well done, and certainly worth owning, but not enough to be a true cult classic for future generations. That would be reserved for Norman Haines' decidedly more extreme album Den of Iniquity, which came about a year later. And that album didn't sell squat in its day, but is more highly revered now.

Personal collection

CD: 2003 Eclectic

Original LPs are very rare and expensive. The Eclectic CD is fantastic with informative liner notes, and a raft full of bonus tracks.


  1. I only found out about this in the last four years or so, but it's an all-time favorite now. It has that proto-horn sound down pat, and really flows as an entirety. Definitely one of the "whole is better than the sum of its parts" albums, this one has that magic vibe for me.

    The United States of America cover in the middle of the second side suite is great. The Zap! RE is decent, though it has infuriating bonus tracks tacked on to the end of each side. Avoid the Radioactive boot like the plague, it's garbage.

    1. Thanks Mike for the comment. It's interesting because I've revisited this album now about 4 times recently, and each time I think THIS will be the listen that grabs me. But it never does, and I end up with a "high 10" as it were. It's not going anywhere though! You're the second person to mention the USA cover. I was going to mention it (they mention it in the liner notes too), and I guess I should have! Radioactive boots should be avoided period. They are, in fact, Radioactive! I don't desecrate my blog with pirate editions. :-D


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