WLUD - Carrycroch + Second. 1978-1979 France

WLUD - Carrycroch'. 1978 Omega Studio
WLUD - Second. 1979 Music'al

CD reissue for Carrycroch': 1995 Musea
CD reissue for Second: 1997 Musea

LP reissue for Carrycroch': 198? Omega Studio
LP reissue for Second: 198? Omega Studio

Release details: Carrycroch' is a single sleeve whereas Second is housed in a gatefold. These two were still "in print" when I first purchased them in the late 1980s. And now I know why, as I didn't realize there were second presses of each until researching this entry. The 3rd photo is the label design for these reissues, and was likely pressed in the 1985/86 time frame along with others from Omega Studio like Neo and Wapassou. I replaced both as soon as the CDs came out. And since I now realize I had reissues in the first place, that validates my decision (for me). I wouldn't mind having real originals at some point.  Like many French albums, they are more obscure than expensive. The CD's are outstanding of course, with great sound and a full biography for each album. Second features 5 bonus tracks, including 2 different 45 singles. You can still find the CD new at some retailers.

Notes for Carrycroch': Apparently the band's moniker of WLUD was inspired by the French jazz rock ensemble CCPP, and thus they too went forward with their last names. A classic lost in translation scenario, as it comes across as either Thud, Wad, or WTFuh - to my English ears anyway. Had they been christened with a name like Église fou avec Perles, perhaps the band would be more highly sought after today. Who knows, but the music here more than makes up for the shortsighted naming convention. Instrumental progressive rock with an emphasis on melody is the name of the game here. Those looking for conservatory styled compositions will need to look elsewhere, but if enjoyable put-a-smile-on-your-face instrumentals are your bag, then welcome Carrycroch' to your home (oh my, yet another problematic title - one pictures Roseanne Barr at a San Diego Padres game...). No matter, because once the platter (silver or black - choose your weapon) hits the turntable/laser all will be forgotten. If only such music was the norm in 1978. Obvious candidates of Camel and Yes get thrown around, but one could just as easily toss out Carpe Diem, Neo, and Terpendre just to show off to the only person who might know what you're talking about.

Notes for Second: Wad/Thud continue on with their second album, creatively titled... yea. And we pretty much hear the same style as the debut - 6 creative instrumental melodic progressive tracks that are pleasant, though not earthshaking. This is Instrumental Prog Rock 101, and you get an easy "A" just for showing up to class. Not everything has to be Master's class hard to be good. Sit back, enjoy your favorite beverage, and immerse yourself into the music of WLUD.

Bonus tracks on the Musea CD add (French) vocals and demonstrate the band was up to no good at the end of their career, desperately trying to find a larger audience. And it didn't work obviously. Besides who wants to hear a band called Thud?

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