Wapassou - Ludwig. 1979 France

In many ways, this is Wapassou's most artistically accomplished work. The classically influenced 34 minute title track is dense and complex, with Wapassou demonstrating their musical maturity over the course of both sides of the LP. And yet, I found myself missing the haunting atmospheres, and mysterious sounds of the previous 3 albums. Perhaps had they broken this composition into smaller tracks, where they could be dissected individually, it may have worked more smoothly as a whole. As it stands though, the sprawling piece can be impenetrable at times. For fans of the classic Wapassou sound, there is no doubt it is an essential purchase, but it does seem to be a bit too formal I'm afraid.

Personal collection
LP: 1979 Crypto
CD: 1994 Musea

Classical artwork oriented single sleeve cover. My introduction to the album came via the 80s Omega Studio LP reissue. I sold it as soon as the CD came out, and later picked up the original LP at a very attractive price.

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  1. I find this to be a pretty big drop off from the first three. You nailed it - it definitely lacks that mystique that the others have, and really suffers for it.


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