Pulsar - Pollen. 1975 France

Pulsar - Pollen. 1975 Kingdom. Also 1976 Decca (UK)

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CD reissues: 1990 Musea/Baillemont; 1996 Belle Antique (Japan); 2012 Belle Antique (Japan mini-LP)

LP reissues: 1978 CBS; 1979 London (Japan)

Release details: Single sleeve cover and a relatively common record, especially in Europe. I started with the Kingdom LP in the 1980's, and have picked up the others along the way. Musea's release is all one would need from a CD perspective, and comes with their usual great biography. Best I can tell, the CD is still repressed on occasion to meet demand.

Notes: Generally regarded as the weaker of the classic three 1970's Pulsar albums, debut Pollen is still an album very much worth absorbing. The album suffers from a muddy production and a certain immaturity towards songwriting. In its favor, however, is an exorbitant amount of atmosphere. I would classify Pollen as "heavy cloud music" (a new genre is born!), in which there's a pervasive melancholy that requires an intense introspection. Ironically the music is inspirational rather than depressing, and provides a perverse motivation. The track that best represents this motif is 'Apaisement' with the drawn out flute, acoustic guitar, organ, fuzz chords, thudding drums, string synthesizer, and the mumbling vocals in French. A rainy day in Lyon indeed. A wonderfully sad album.


  1. Over time this has become my favorite. Just like the first Wapassou, the decidedly lo-fi production seems to add more charm than take away from the whole. That naievety also make is stand out a bit more than the more polished later records.

    1. I have to agree about Wapassou. That first album is magical. I think I'm still partial to Halloween when it comes to Pulsar. Side 1 of that is as good as any album in my collection. I'm not sure where Strands will fall, as I haven't given it a deep listen in many years. Even though I have 3 copies. LOL. Thanks Mike for the comment!


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