Agusa - Två. 2015 Sweden

Agusa quickly follows their highly regarded debut Högtid, with the old school moniker of "2", in Swedish of course. If you were hoping for some modern development, you've come to the wrong place. Agusa's mindset defiantly remains in 1971, and that's exactly what their audience wants to hear. In addition to Hammond organ, psychedelic electric guitar, and a pulsating rhythm section, Agusa have added the always welcome ingredient of flute. Well, that just about covers the landscape of 45 years ago. As with "Högtid", Swedish folkloric melodies are the centerpiece, particularly on the first side long track (ah, it warms the cockles of my heart to say "side long track") 'Gånglåt från Vintergatan'. It's Kenny Håkansson fronting Flasket Brinner with a dollop of International Harvester on the side. Even better is the darker and less familiar 'Kung Bores dans' - yet another side long opus. Agusa's music is organic and free flowing. There are no jaw dropping breaks or flights of fancy. I never tire of music such as this. This is the kind of album where you lay down, close your eyes, and let the music take you to new and unknown places. Soothing, comfortable, and entirely psychedelic.

Personal collection
CD: 2015 Laser's Edge (USA)

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