To Be - s/t. 1977 Germany

To Be - s/t. 1977 Brain

No reissues

Release details: Single sleeve cover. One of the more sought after "orange" Brain releases, but you can usually find one for $40 or under if you look hard enough. The name of the band makes it nigh impossible to search for, and there are no reissues to date, so it remains a Priority 3 on our CDWRL blog. I bought mine years ago, and fortunately held onto it (though the cover is not near as nice as the above photo) after being initially disappointed (see notes below).

Notes: When I first heard this album, I hated it. Of course, I fully expected it to be a Krautrock album filled with heavy organ and acid guitar solos. It's on Brain for crying out loud! Yea, well, that was back in 1988 when I found it at a local record show. So YouTube boy, don't get all high and mighty on me that I should have known better.

Many years later, I caught the "Kraut Fusion" bug (PC Police note - that's what they call it in Germany). And To Be is a bulls eye for that style. Latin tinged fusion, in particular, was all the rage in late 70s Germany. So what we have here is an instrumental mid 70s Santana mixed with Return to Forever. Some fine guitar solos, extra percussion, and complex unison runs are what you'll hear. All packaged up nicely to go with your Pina Colada. I like it.

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