Strange Days - 9 Parts to the Wind. 1975 England

Strange Days - 9 Parts to the Wind. 1975 Retreat/EMI

CD reissue: 2007 Strange Days/Universal (Japan mini-LP)

Release details: Single sleeve cover, and surprisingly inexpensive if in the market for one. I'm not sure how I missed this album in my initial accumulation of LPs, but it just never came across my desk. I will probably make the effort to pick this one up in the next buying season. The CD that arrived many years later, was my introduction to the album. It's a fine reissue, that is most certainly more rare and expensive than the original LP today. Since Strange Days was originally released on a major label, the Japan market has a full license and total access. Not sure why it's never been reissued by a progressive rock specialist label. This most assuredly has Esoteric's name all over it, and it would be a worthy pursuit. As such, pirate editions are floating about as I write this.

Notes: Strange Days comes from the last throes of UK progressive rock in 1975. Similar to other bands of its ilk, namely Druid, Kestrel, Time, and Fruupp - Strange Days went boldly forward with a combination of complex progressive rock, with a lucid dose of commercial material just in case a high powered record executive might tune in. They didn't, and off to the obscurity grave went Strange Days. But for deep divers of arcane progressive rock, don't miss this gem. The last two tracks in particular demonstrate that Strange Days were a group to be reckoned with, and include many complex progressions. Oddly, the lengthiest tune with the overtly proggy moniker 'The Journey' is mostly a tedious Broadway play styled production, and is the weakest link to an otherwise super album.

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