Dedalus - s/t. 1973 Italy

Dedalus - s/t. 1973 Trident

CD reissues: 1989 Vinyl Magic; 2002 Arcangelo (Japan mini-LP); 2009 Vinyl Magic

LP reissue: 2012 Vinyl Magic/BTF

Release details: Wonderful gatefold cover with men in stylish overcoats, and each with cheap watch heads (Timex, Seiko). Simple but very effective. Originals will typically set you back anywhere from $250 to $400 depending. My first copy of the album was the initial CD that I bought upon release. It's basic like all of those early Vinyl Magic CDs, and I still own it. I never did secure the Japanese mini, and it's now one of the hardest to find if you're a collector of those. I've been expecting a repress, but we haven't seen it yet. The 2009 press keeps the album in print. As for LP's, I was fortunate to buy two original copies in the 1990s, including a new one from a record store back stock in Cheyenne, Wyoming (!!). I traded the latter back then, but the one I kept is mint as well. And I proudly display it on one of my LP walls in an album frame. It remains one of my all-time faves from a cover perspective.

Notes: Dedalus' debut, despite being the first album released from one of Italy's premiere independent progressive rock labels, is actually a pure jazz rock play. The rhythm section is fast, energetic, and super tight. The soloists - namely saxophone, guitar, and cello - are loose and improvised. Odd combination that at times is highly successful, and at others quite tedious. Very much an album worth owning, but not top tier in my estimation.