Night Sun - Mournin'. 1971 Germany

Night Sun - Mournin'. 1971 Zebra

CD reissues: 1997 Second Battle; 2001 Second Battle

LP reissues: 1972 Polydor (there's also a Canadian pressing); 2010 Second Battle

Release details: Single sleeve. The Zebra copy is the original, and you'll often see the Polydor version touted as one, but it is technically a second press, though not much less expensive. That was my introduction to the album as I found the German Polydor copy at Bananas in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1996. It did have a pin hole though. I traded it away the next year when the first legit CD hit the market (Second Battle). These CDs are rare in their own right now. The CD features great sound and a fine digi-pak cover, though no other extras except Second Battle catalog items. As you can see, Second Battle has followed in recent years with an LP reissue.

Notes: The album that answers the all important question: What would have Deep Purple sounded like if they were on the Brain label?


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