Fruupp - Modern Masquerades. 1975 Ireland

Fruupp - Modern Masquerades. 1975 Dawn. Also released in Japan on Teichiku

CD reissues: 1989 Teichiku (Japan); 1996 See For Miles (w/ Prince of Heaven's Eyes) 1997 Si-Wan (Korea); 1999 Victor (Japan mini-LP); 2006 Strange Days/Universal (Japan mini-LP); 2009 Esoteric

LP reissue: 2005 Get Back (Italy)

Release details: Originals come in a fine single sleeve cover with a fetching painting of a medieval dinner party. I included the back cover primarily because of my notes below. My first copy was the original LP that I found at a local record show in the late 1980s. The first CD to market was actually the original copyright holders in Japan, as it did receive an original release there in 1975 as well. I sold that one away to obtain the mini-LP, which of course looks great and includes the original lyric insert just as my own LP copy has it. The sound isn't great though in some places, a bit distorted almost. I need to compare to the original just to see if it's the source or not (I doubt it). I should also look to obtaining the first UK CD to market (as a single album I should say) which would be the usually reliable Esoteric. I should have held onto the original Japanese CD as an extra in retrospect. I would avoid the temptation of the See For Miles reissue, since it cuts out 3 tracks total from the two albums, including the excellent 'Gormenghast' from Modern Masquerades.

Notes: There are a couple of ways at reviewing Modern Masquerades. The normal way would be to go down the path of saying it's the 4th album by the Northern Irish progressive rock band Fruupp, and they've run out of interesting ideas, Side 2 blows, etc...

Or... Or....

You could look at this as a pioneering album by about one or two years. The back cover of the album gives the game away, for all of you that actually own the LP or CD. And I conveniently added it here to my post.

Anyway.... Back in the 90's I called this style "High-Ball Rock". 20 years later, it turns out I was on the right track, but they (the ever present they) gave it another name. Yacht Rock. OK, I like that even better - same idea, but yea, Yacht Rock indeed. Checkmate on that. Sure, it's still progressive rock. Some Yacht Rock albums actually are.

Me? I like it. It is in this scenario you discover that 'Sheba's Song' is brilliant. You can file this album right next to Kestrel's awesome one album, though it's not quite that good.

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