Day of Phoenix - Wide Open N-Way. 1970 Denmark

Day of Phoenix - Wide Open N-Way. 1970 Sonet. Also released on Greenwich Gramophone (UK/Germany) and Stateside (France)

CD reissues: 1994 Repertoire (Germany); 2000 Sonet/Universal (w/The Neighbor's Son); 2010 Universal (w/The Neighbor's Son. mini-LP); 2012 Esoteric (UK)

Release details: Originals are housed in a fine gatefold as seen in the auction photo (and all other originals are gatefolds as well). My only copy is the first CD to market which I picked up a couple of years after its initial release. It's a fine reissue with liner notes for both Day of Phoenix and the Danish late 60s psychedelic scene overall. It does appear the CD is sourced from vinyl however. I would at some point like to get the Esoteric CD for comparison. An original LP would be nice too, but not a personal high priority. Speaking of which, there are no LP reissues surprisingly. Thanks to reader Achim for pointing out that Wide Open N-Way was reissued with The Neighbor's Son (second album from 1972) on Sonet/Universal (and also taken from vinyl). I never did hear the second album, though by all accounts, it's an inferior effort.

Notes: I've seen quite a bit of passion for this record over the years, which has always seemed puzzling to me. Oh, it's a fine album for certain, but it's definitely more middle of the road to my ears. There's not much in the way of songcraft or melodic development. Instead, Day of Phoenix jogs along in a loose, rambling, jammy style. The album is remarkably consistent, with the title track winning by a nose. And I suppose if you have bought into their compositional framework, then yes, one could see this album being a favorite as there are no dips in quality whatsoever.

I consider this album a "high 3.5" (Gnosis 10), in that the music doesn't quite warrant the higher rating, and yet it is essential listening for the progressive meets psychedelic genre.

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