Caldera - Dreamer. 1979 USA

Caldera - Dreamer. 1979 Capitol

CD reissues: 1990 Capitol (Japan); 2015 Capitol/Universal (Japan)

Release details: Single sleeve cover and a relatively common record here in the States. The CD, on the other hand, was quite the challenge to find. Fortunately Universal of Japan has given us a recent repress. Unlike most modern Japanese reissues, this one is a straight jewel box reissue with no extras, but can be found at a reasonable price. I recommend everyone to grab this while you can, as I don't suspect we may see it again.

Notes: Most bands don't end a career with their most dynamic and progressive album especially in 1979. Caldera had dabbled with commercialism on their previous two works (both still very good IMO), but this one is primarily a fiery instrumental fusion along the lines of 1972-74 era Santana, with some nods to Return to Forever. They threw caution to the wind and just went for it. If only most bands had a similar attitude back then. Arguably - and probably - their best album.

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