Bernd Kistenmacher - Head-Visions. 1986 Germany

No discussion about Bernd Kistenmacher can be had without at least a passing mention of one Klaus Schulze. Especially at the time of Timewind or X, arguably the Master's finest moment in the sun. Head-Visions contains 3 long tracks of Berlin School goodness complete with full-on sequencers, and various other analog/digital tones drizzled on top to add much needed color. While Schulze himself was busy messing about with digital technology and an unhealthy love of beats, Kistenmacher was trying his duly best to bring back the glory of the original movement. And he succeeded mightily, as others followed suit shortly thereafter. Be sure to get a hold of one of the CD reissues (mine is on Green Tree), which contains the 11+ minute 'Dreamdance', as fine a track as any on the album proper.

Personal collection
CD: 1997 Green Tree

Last listen: 2015


  1. Is the Green Tree CD you own legit? I've got a recent reissue from bureau b, which sadly doesn't include the bonus track.

  2. Hi Bas! Most definitely legit, though very basic with a single tray card and new artwork (I should add that to the post). Kistenmacher had worked with the label for some time and in fact, from 1996 to 1999, his albums came out on Green Tree originally (and that's when these reissues appeared too). I know that Green Tree has a bit of a checkered past - more so with their sublabels (TRC; Buy or Die) than the label itself. Something akin to Comet / Akarma.

    1. Thanks, er... Hans? :-) I knew I could rely on you for a very informative answer. A shame about these grey area labels: I tend to steer clear of them, because you never know what you're going to get, legality-wise, but it obviously means missing out on some completely "kosher" stuff. Good to know that this one is OK, though. I may pick it up one day if I feel I really need that bonus track.


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