Jackal - Awake. 1973 Canada

Jackal - Awake. 1973 Periwinkle

CD reissue: 1994 The Labyrinth (USA/Italy)

Release details: Single sleeve. Consistently an expensive item in auction, and much sought after as an original. The only reissue is the CD from The Labyrinth which was a joint effort between The Laser's Edge and Minotauro, and who managed about 4 releases in the early 90s. Perhaps amazingly, this CD is still available from The Laser's Edge. I would encourage anyone out there that has an interest in this title, to snap it up quick before it disappears altogether. Perhaps to underscore my point, there was a pirate edition put out in 2004, as they must have thought the CD was no longer available even then.

Notes: A good followup to the Claudio Gabis we featured yesterday. Jackal's sole album is a very fine hard rock album with bluesy guitar, choppy Hammond organ, and gritty soulful vocals. Like a more lethargic Micah, and anytime that fine band is in the reference column, then investigation should follow in hot pursuit. The album has a bit too many slow moments to be a classic, but when they're on, it is a fantastic experience to behold. Listen to tracks like 'At the Station' , 'For You', 'How Time Has Flown', 'Lost in the World', and the superb closing title track.


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