Tarot - The Warrior's Spell. 2015 Australia

Tarot's first full album actually compiles 3 cassette EP's from 2014 onto one album, and adds two new tracks in the middle for good measure. The songwriting is epic metal similar to Mark of the Beast era Manilla Road (1981) as played by 1971 Uriah Heep (mellotron, Hammond organ, hard guitar). So this is what is now known as "heavy rock" but with the spirit of a metal band. I wish the vocals to be more dynamic, and they tend to be a bit monotone (at least he sings and doesn't growl or grunt!). A small quibble really. I'm not sure I can hear enough bands who sound like this. I want more. Lots more.

Personal collection
CD: 2015 Heavy Chains

Last listen: March 25, 2016

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