Ash Ra Tempel - Starring Rosi. 1973 Germany

Ash Ra Tempel - Starring Rosi. 1973 Kosmische Music. Also released in France, Netherlands, and Italy (latter on PDU)

CD reissues: 1991 Spalax (France); 2000 King (Japan); 2010 Belle Antique (Japan mini); 2011 MG.ART

LP reissues: 1981 Pop Import

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Release details: Single sleeve cover featuring Gottsching's doll faced girlfriend Rosi Mueller. Plenty of supply of this title for originals, but they still aren't cheap. All other variations can be found for far less money with a bit of searching. My story is similar to many of the Ash Ra Tempel albums, and I was able to buy a new Pop Import copy in the mid 80s. Sometime in the 90s I purchased (or traded for) an original LP. I eventually ended up with the Japanese mini LP for my digital copy. They all pretty much sound alike, including Gottsching's own MG.ART releases (of the ones I've heard), so you might as well get the nicest package. The King release is something I didn't know about until seeing it in Discogs this morning.

Notes: Starring Rosi is Ash Ra Tempel's 5th album, and a departure from the intensity of the previous 3 studio albums, as well as the drugged out live Seven Up outing. Gottsching recruited Dieter Dierks (Scorpions, a million others) not only for his usual superb production ability, but also for bass guitar duty. As well, Kosmische Kourier / Wallenstein standby drummer Harald Grosskopf makes his presence felt (and would later join Manuel in his Ashra trio format of the late 70s and early 80s). As stated in the premise, the album's contents are completely different from the emotional workouts of their previous studio offerings. The mood is light and carefree. And it appears as if Manuel and Rosi are just having a fun date here (she does glow radiantly on the album cover, one must admit). The guitar style shown on the latter half of "Join Inn"'s Freak N' Roll makes its presence on Interplay of Forces and Laughter Loving. Schizo recalls the intensity of the earlier albums, but is sadly all too short. Through it all we have Rosi's lovely spoken voice (in English verse the German of "Join Inn") and a bit of ill-advised singing from Manuel (something he fortunately gave up quickly). Overall a very pleasant and unique album. If the proper expectations are set, you will likely be rewarded here.


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