Ash Ra Tempel - Seven Up. 1973 Germany

During this period, Ash Ra Tempel were contributors to a kind of cosmic circus, touring around with others of a similar mindset concerning philosophical thought, lifestyles, and music. Seven Up, is the recorded document of this time while in Switzerland. The fame the album has achieved is due in part to two elements: (1) The involvement of drug culture icon Timothy Leary, and (2) the dropping of acid into the band members' 7-Up. While that might sound radical up front, Seven Up is quite tame compared to the first two masterpieces. The first side long montage is a medley of electronics and drugged reworks of pop hits from the 50's and 60's. Unique? Yes. Satisfying? Perhaps not. Side two is a rework of the spacey 'Suche and Liebe' from Schwingungen. This version, called 'Time' and which contains a slightly different opening, is quite good - but not overly moving - and you get the impression the band's ready for bed after partaking in too much alternative nutrition. A much better version of Seven Up can be found in the outtakes and studio reworks found on Gilles Zeitschiff's Sternenmadchen album.

Personal collection
LP: 1973 Kosmische Musik
CD: 2010 Belle Antique (Japan)

Originals are housed in a cool gatefold design (first cover) and comes with a small detailed insert. Die Kosmischen Kuriere was the original name for what became known as Kosmische Musik - and this is the debut album for the imprint. The second scan is the "alternate" cover, for purposes of promotion (exploitation?) of LSD guru Leary, and is a single sleeve. All other presses use this design. Except I believe the Barclay press is a single sleeve, but utilizes the original cover art. My first copy came in the middle 80s like most of the ART albums, as the Pop Import copy which could still be purchased new back then. In the late 90s I traded for an original. Since I've never been a big fan of this album, I didn't pick up a CD until the Japanese mini came out, which of course replicates the original to the finest detail.

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