Ashra - Correlations. 1979 Germany

In 1979, Manuel Göttsching once again changed directions. Reuniting with former colleagues Lutz Ulbricht (guitar and synthesizers) and Harald Grosskopf (drums and synthesizers), Ashra presented their version of the power trio. Correlations was the first release of two by the lineup. Once again the mood is light, with bouncy almost funky rhythms, heavy use of sequencers, and of course, Manuel's spirited but rambling guitar. An album that has aged incredibly well for me, though I had reservations initially.

Personal collection
LP: 1979 Virgin (UK)
CD: 2002 Spalax (France)

Originals are a single sleeve cover that features a very evocative photo. The consensus is that the UK version is the original, but it's just semantics at this point. I bought mine at the same time as the Blackouts LP and my personal story is contained there. This album's long recording sessions were also released in a 3 CD format.

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