Truth and Janey - Live 4/8/76. 1976 USA (archival)

Erupts! is a great hard rock concert from 1976 (April 8th, Davenport, Iowa), and features many non-LP tracks as would otherwise be found on No Rest for the Wicked. The sonics aren't perfect, but more than acceptable for the time and place. Billy Lee Janey could jam with the best of 'em!

Personal collection
LP: 2014 Rockadrome / Lion (as Erupts!)

I first remember seeing this double LP set in a Cedar Rapids, Iowa record store while passing through in May of 1989. White cover with the date written across it if I recall right (actual handwriting too, not printed - and not the cover at the top either). Didn't buy it, but was more than curious, since I was familiar with the album proper by them. It was expensive from this particular record store - more than I was willing to pay on an unknown hard rock record - a style that's always been a bit tangential to my personal wheelhouse. Years later I sort of regretted leaving it there. Fortunately for me, some 25 years after the fact, Rockadrome, along with Lion, have reissued it again in its double LP glory, complete with poster. My understanding is the CD issues cut some of the tracks off to fit on one disc. What you see in the second photo is what I bought, excepting mine is pressed on traditional black wax.

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