Shotgun - Dallasian Rock. 1974-1976 USA

Shotgun - Dallasian Rock. 2014 Shroom Angel. Also released on vinyl

This one's a bit out of range for the usual UMR fare, but since I grew up in the city of Dallas, I have a fondness for items like this.

Release details: Digipak CD release that contains 22 tracks, never released before. The main section of the CD is dedicated to studio and live recordings from 1976, with some demos dating back to 1974. There are no recordings from 1975 oddly enough. Great archival release, as is typical of Shroom, with historical notes, and a montage of photos. The LP is a gatefold, and contains the first 11 tracks of the CD (all 1976).

Notes: Straight up good times hard rock and roll from local Dallas area band. Guitar based rock for the Wet T-shirt Night crowd. Nothing artsy here - just a band that gave you an honest dollar's worth of original rockin' tunes to go with your 50 cent draft of Lone Star or Pearl (Shiner? How 80s). I cut my teeth on KZEW as a pre-teen, and this is the kind of music they'd play often after bedtime. That I captured on my Radio Shack transistor under my pillow (shhh! - don't tell Mom).

And 22 tracks here of rockin' fun. Yes... of course... there's cowbell. Good times indeed.

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