R.I.P. Edgar Froese

Today we learned of the passing of Edgar Froese. This is a sudden occurrence and comes as a shock to us all. I don't think there is another artist I could credit more to my personal growth in music than Mr. Froese.

1 comment:

  1. Damn...
    takes the wind right out of my sails,
    I am shocked and deeply saddened.
    Tangerine Dream has been and still is
    one of my desert-island inner-core...
    ...from childhood memories of hearing 'Encore' cranked on the ole turntable to 3 a.m. disappearances into the imagination of 'Stratosfear' to hidden masterpieces like 'Cyclone' and the soundtrack for the film 'Wavelength'.
    A real Visionary Inspiration Dreamer Trailblazer
    Detroit Snackbar Dreamer is at max volume and
    this number's for you Edgar.
    Thank You for everything brother.


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