Opus-5 - Serieux ou Pas. 1977 Canada (archival)

Recorded in 1977 but abandoned after their label Celebration (most famous for Harmonium) went belly-up. The 1989 CD is the one and only legal document of those recordings. This isn't the typical half-baked archival release where major portions were still missing from the final product. In fact, I'd say the oven was turned off only about 10 minutes too soon. You can tell they have many great ideas working here, and the depth of the musicianship and compositions are at the same high level as Contre-Courant. And the quality of the recording is superb. It seems they still needed time to finish arranging, compiling, and scrubbing the edges off. It's really a pity they couldn't finish what they started, as this may very well have been the second greatest album to ever come from Canada. Behind only their first album... Even still, an essential album for progressive rock fans.

Personal collection
CD: 1989 Aller-Retour

The one and only legitimate release of this album is the 1989 CD from Aller Retour. As with Contre-Courant, the album was heavily distributed in Japan by Marquee, and you will often see copies with obi strips like the photo above. And as with its predecessor, the CD couldn't be more basic and bland from a presentation / notes perspective.

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