Moving Gelatine Plates - s/t. 1970-1979 France (archival)

I had secretly hoped that Moving Gelatine Plates would have archival material sitting in the vaults somewhere. And now we have proof that such a thing exists. Side 1 features recordings from a concert in 1972. 'The World of Genius Hans', 'Astromonster', and 'London Cab' are presented here with fascinating alternate versions of the originals - not surprising given the jazzy disposition of the band in general. This particular concert is after the 1971 studio recording of Genius Hans and features new drummer Alain Clarel. Naturally enough 'London Cab' is the most different of the three, since it's from the debut album. Side 2 contains material from two different settings in 1978 and 1979, when they were officially known as Moving. The first track is called 'Galantine', which is wordplay for 'Gelatine', and it is indeed an excellent rendition of the debut album composition. The shorter 'Syntheme' follows, and is one of the better tracks from their 1981 album. Though in rawer form, which is more pleasant to my ears anyway. Both of these tracks were from a 1978 concert. The 13+ minute 'Like a Flower' is a 1979 home recording of an older track going back to 1970, but never recorded in studio form until the reformation "Removing" album (2006). All 6 tracks are of "bootleg standard" quality. There is quite a bit of loss in these tapes - but the music is definitely recognizable, and at times, revelatory. And certainly enjoyable.

In addition to the album proper, there is a 1970 single that is known to be their first ever recordings. And it is an entirely frustrating experience. The first side is 'London Cab' - an excellent 6+ minute rendition and perhaps the highlight of the entire album. And it's in 33 RPM, which I figured they did on purpose knowing us folks with real turntables have to physically alter the mechanics (no easy switch, that is to say) to obtain 45 RPM. But alas, side 2's 'X25' is indeed just that: 45 RPM. And at only 2 minutes, it takes longer to move things around than it does to hear it. Honestly, I wouldn't bother as it's not much different than the original anyway. To complicate matters, the liner notes have these tracks confused with each other. I assure you, the longer track is 'London Cab' (though not labeled on the disc itself).

Personally, I think all 8 of these tracks would have been better served as CD (or LP) bonus material to the original albums, but Monster Melodies is to be commended for giving the buyer good value for their money considering the entire package.

You can read more about this release (in French) here

Personal collection
LP: 2014 Monster Melodies

What you see in the photo is what you can expect to receive on this fine archival release from one of Paris' more famous record stores (and one I've personally been to): Monster Melodies. It's an expensive package, but for diehard fans like me, it would have to be considered an essential purchase (if you still have a turntable that is). So what do you get for your money? The cover is a thick glossy gatefold, and the inside is filled with vintage newspaper articles (all in French). The back of the cover has detailed liner notes of the recordings in English. The vinyl is heavy duty, and pressed in appropriate Genius Hans Pink (perhaps Sherwin-Williams should offer this?). The inserts include an informative band family tree from 1966 to the present, with biographical information (again all in French) on the other side on thick textured paper. As well, a band logo post card with an archival photo is included. As you can see, there is also a single disc that contains their original first recordings. Overall a superb document.

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