Moses - Changes. 1971 Denmark

A good friend of mine told me once that this is the single worst album of all time. So I just had to hear it. But I didn’t actually expect to like it... and I do! Changes is basically an electric blues rock album not terribly far musically from the debut by Black Sabbath or Blue Cheer. Perhaps a bit more energetic, but not quite as heavy. They aren't as noisy and unfocused as Blue Cheer nor do they expand the compositions as Sabbath would. Moses are a stripped down guitar-bass-drums trio, with a vocalist who clearly enjoys his Carlsberg beer. Despite being Danish, they chose to sing in English, so it doesn’t have any local flavor unfortunately (excepting one track). Where they score points with me is the fuzz guitar soloing. What a great sound the guitarist managed to get out of his 6 string. The solos are competent if not exceedingly original. Overall, a good one for the blues rock style.

Personal collection
CD: 2009 Shadoks (Germany)

Yet another extreme rarity as an original. This is one you never see even in auction, so if you are well-heeled enough to be in a position to pay a fortune for it, you'll be out of luck. Spectator was a low budget label from remote northern Denmark, and the quality of the originals aren't particularly well made. But given their true scarcity, they have been collectors items for as long as I have been at this hobby anyway.  I didn't hear the album myself until 2006, when I was sent a CD-R, and subsequently added it to the CDRWL. Changes was forever solely the domain of pirates, until Shadoks finally put a legit version on the shelf in both CD and LP form. The CD is well presented with nice liner notes giving the history of the band, lyrics, and some photos. There are no bonus tracks which tells us there probably isn't any to give. These reissues should fulfill the demand for this album.

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