Love Cry Want - s/t. 1972 USA (archival)

For those who aren't familiar with this album - it is the singular most dirty and nasty early 70s jazz rock album ever released. Larry Young, who went on to record the magnificent Lawrence of Newark, was at the peak of his creative powers by this time, coming off a successful stint with Tony Williams' Emergency. The album is steeped in the jazz tradition, so no doubt there's plenty of loose improv parts, but when they catch a groove in the Miles Davis manner, there is nothing better than this. There's fuzz guitar, fuzz organ, fuzz bass, fuzz drums, fuzz percussion, fuzz in the sky, and fuzz on the floor. If you're familiar with the band The Fourth Way and their album Werwolf, take that as a base, and amp it up 100 times. I've read comparisons of Love Cry Want to Wolfgang Dauner's Et Cetera and Exmagma - and I think that's a very perceptive observation.

liner notes on the CD: "June 1972. The times were filled with darkness and turmoil. This music, of loving, of crying, of wanting, makes a powerful statement. It is awash with the anguish of the times, yet it heralds the promise of better days to come.

Love Cry Want was a legendary jazz fusion group based in Washington D.C., and led by guitarist, Nicholas. This recording took place during a series of concerts in Washington, held across from the White House in Lafayette Park, and featured the late, great jazz organist Larry Young, who had just recorded the historic “Bitches Brew” LP with Miles Davis and had left the Tony Williams Lifetime and guitarist John McLaughlin to combine forces with Nicholas and drummer, Joe Gallivan.

This second incarnation of Love Cry Want featured the triumvirate of Nicholas, Gallivan, and Young performing some of the most important music in the history of jazz. No record company would release this music, which was ahead of it's time.

Nicholas, who pioneered the development of the first guitar synthesizer (in association with Electronic Music Laboratories) performs on the first prototype guitar 'synth' along with fellow musician, Joe Gallivan, who pioneered the development of the drum synthesizer with inventor, Robert Moog.

June 1972, Lafayette Park.

Richard Nixon was President. There was a nasty war going on in Vietnam, good people were rioting in the streets and cities were aflame. During this series of concerts outside the White House, President Nixon ordered aide, J.R. Haldeman, to pull the plug on the concert fearing that this strange music would “levitate the White House.” This is that music.

Nicholas: prototype guitar synthesizer, ring modulator, wind, rain, thunder, lightning, water, hi-tension wires and wailing dervish 
Joe Gallivan: drums, steel guitar, moog synthesizer, and percussion 
Jimmy Molneiri: drums and percussion 
Larry Young: Hammond organ."

Personal collection
CD: 1997

I remember seeing the entry of this CD for the first time in a late 90s Wayside printed catalog (the annual green one). I'd never heard about it anywhere - in any magazine or on the internet. But with Larry Young's name on it, and the promise of it being heavy jazz rock, and an attractive low price, how could I go wrong? I remember informing many people about this album back in the 1998-1999 time frame. It's a nicely done CD with great sound, and some liner notes, which I found online and will reprint below. Joe Gallivan is one of the members of this trio, and is his label. I was just revisiting this title the other day, and thought to myself, if I ever started an LP label this would be a great title to reissue on LP. Apparently I wasn't the only one - and I found that Weird Forest had done just that in 2010! I never knew that. As you can see, it is a 2 LP set, and they changed the front cover to something more minimalistic. The inner picture of the White House is significant when you read the liner notes above. I somehow doubt the story myself (it's a bit of "Loch Ness Monster sighting" if you ask me and plays on the Watergate theme) but who cares about the facts? It's a great little tale anyway!

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