Full Moon - s/t. 1980 USA

Another great band from Central Pennsylvania. Located in between the state capital and Hershey, Full  Moon perfectly embodies the independently minded blue collar industrial worker mindset from the time and place. Bring your bowling ball and a 6 pack of Yuengling. The music could best be described as intelligent hard rock. While every track may be somewhat basic regarding the framework, each comes with some incredible harmonic lead guitar solos and bridges. Not surprisingly, the longer tracks add a few more ideas and complexities into the mix - especially 'Winter City'. Any fan of late 70s American hard rock, or the earliest foundations of 80s era metal will enjoy this one immensely. Be sure to get the CD reissue which includes 5 relevant and excellent bonus tracks.

Personal collection
CD: 2000 Monster (as State of the Artist)

Classic single sleeve American private press, where almost every copy has ring wear. There was a time that when you traveled throughout the US, albums like this would be found in every town's local record store. Years ago, collectors snapped these up - and every once in awhile an original will go up for auction, but not for cheap. The 1996 LP reissue by Monster is straight up, though they decided to use the band logo as the primary cover (second photo). On the CD, they switched gears and went primarily with the main cover, though retitled from one of the bonus tracks. Speaking of which, there are 5, of which 3 are fantastic. There's also some nice liner notes. In researching this entry, I found the CD harder to find than the LP reissue. In fact it's pretty much extinct, excepting a couple of very high priced ones. So if you know where one is for a reasonable price, I suggest you grab it quick. For whatever reason, Rockadrome has not reissued this title as they have for most of the former Monster catalog. I bought my copy in 2004 when it was still readily available, and it was my introduction to the album.

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