Finch - Glory of the Inner Force. 1975 Netherlands

Hyper kinetic instrumental progressive rock, or what we used to call symphonic fusion. I've owned this album for over 30 years, and I never tire of it. One criticism I've constantly heard about Finch is that they're more about chops than composition, and yet I hear it completely different. Despite the fast paced nature of the recordings, and the many twist and turns that goes on throughout each track, there is also a strong melodic component as well - very similar to Focus regarding this latter characteristic. I personally think "Glory of the Inner Force" is one of those great "starter" albums to new fans of the genre. It's immediately likeable - and rocks hard. At this point in my life, "Glory of the Inner Force" will likely always be a Top 50 album for me.

Personal collection
LP: 1975 Negram
LP: 1975 Atco (USA)
CD: 1994 Belle Antique (Japan)

Both original versions are single sleeve. The Atco release is one of the very first European "obscurities" I had discovered in the early 80s while still a teenager. This was back at a time when I bought albums strictly on how they looked, and how long the songs were. I had become pretty adept at it by this point, and Finch was an obvious target once I saw it. Besides they had a drummer named Beer! Hey, this was long before the internet, and research materials were non-existent back then. Crate digger veterans will know what I mean here! For years, I had wanted a copy of the Dutch original, which I think is the nicer cover. In the catalog days of the late 80s and 90s, this was a fairly expensive item. But when the great market equalizer ebay came along, it turned out there was plenty of supply. I bought one cheap as soon as possible (1999) and even today you can find one at a very reasonable price. The American version is very common. However finding one without a massive promo sticker and sawcuts is much more challenging. But I did recently find a clean one for the collection - and they are readily available as well, but for a few dollars more. I bought the CD as soon as it became available and ditched my sawcut/sticker Atco copy :-). The Japanese version is a Gold disc, and has liners in Japanese. It does however feature the Colossus single. Naturally enough, both the Dutch and Japanese versions fell OOP, and pirates had begun to enter the waters. Pseudonym remedied that problem by recently issuing a 3 CD set that has just about everything Finch ever released, including most of The Making of Galleons of Passion. I'll talk more about this latter CD when I feature it, but for purposes of Glory of the Inner Force, the entire CD is on Mythology including the Colossus single (which is a great composition BTW).

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