Errata Corrige - Siegfried, il Drago e Altre Storie. 1976 Italy

For those coming at Errata Corrige with the expectation that this will be another Italian wild ride along the likes of Museo Rosenbach and Semiramis, they will most certainly be sorely disappointed. But patience and a strong appreciation of excellent songwriting, will ultimately convert the most discerning of listeners. Acoustic guitar, flute, and wonderful vocals in Italian define this fine work. There is definitely a rock component (including electric guitars and synthesizers), as well as a clear jazz school influence that pervades. Some of the melodies will raise the hair on your arms. To me, this is one of those feel of Italy albums, and once you're hooked on that drug, there's no going back. And Errata Corrige will provide that fix we all need.

Personal collection
CD: 1989 Vinyl Magic

Errata Corrige's album is very scarce as an original since private presses from Italy were still unheard of in 1976, and this is one of the first along with Apoteosi.  The Vinyl Magic CD, which was my introduction to the album, is basic but the quality of the sound is high. The 2002 version is distinguished by the changing of the cover color from blue to pink and a bar code on the back. No LP reissues to date, which is a bit of a surprise I think. (Ask and he shall receive.... see comments!)


  1. LP reissue is to come soon by Black Widow.

    Errata Corrige also reformed and will release a rerecorded Version
    of the album in a CD/DVD package.


    1. Thanks - as always - TheH, for your insightful comments!


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