Crium Delirium - Power to the Carottes. 1972-1975 France (archival)

Crium Delirium were a French band that performed a loose jamming psychedelic music with a jazz touch. Saxophone and flute play an equal role to the guitars and keyboards. The primary group is a sextet, and the compositions are relatively well thought out for a band of this style. As with any archival release, you will hear a myriad of genres and the sound quality will vary greatly (especially given that these are live recordings). In general, you will most likely be reminded of 1972 era Soft Machine, instrumental Gong, and early Clearlight. Probably the band that Crium Delirium most reminds me of is Ame Son. A fine historical document.

Personal collection
CD: 1994 Legend Music

A very fine archival CD from Legend Music, who released a few great things in the early to mid 90s, and then disappeared. The CD comes with a thick booklet filled with all sorts of details, photos, and lyrics. Unfortunately it appears the more lucid and historical notes are in French. There is a page in English, but it's a stream of consciousness tale of vagabonds and communal life. Interesting but not informative. But then again it doesn't take much to figure out these guys were a bunch of creative freaks with a psychedelic music streak. Another unfortunate aspect is that the individual songs are not dated or their live location placed. The CD today is very hard to find. I bought one when it came out, and regrettably moved it out too soon. But I recently sourced one for the collection on the cheap. So I'd just advise if you are in the market for one, patience may pay off. Demand appears to be low. I suspect that's because few even know what it is! Well I guess I'm screwing that part up, now aren't I?


  1. They have been reformed for some concerts in 2011 & 2012. There is also another release named "Psykedelik Roadbook" containing a 156 pages book and a DVD of a tour road movie.


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