Zeit - Waves from the Sky. 2008 Italy

Tommaso Cino (aka Zeit) is most known for his collaborations with ambient artist Alio Die. On Waves from the Sky, Cino demonstrates his passion for the German Kosmische movement, from which he takes his name from. This is pure mid to late 1970s styled analog elektronik musik - haunting, hypnotic, and introspective - influenced by the masters like 'Nightdust' era Ashra, Klaus Schulze's masterful 'Crystal Lake', Pascal Languirand's three albums, as well as home country cosmic minimalist hero Roberto Cacciapaglia. Cino was only 30 years old when this was composed and recorded, so let's hope he plans on future works of a similar cloth.

Personal collection
CD: 2008 Hic Sunt Leones

Last listen: November 10, 2014

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