Shub Niggurath - s/t. 1985 France

Shub Niggurath - s/t. 1985 private. Cassette only

CD reissue: 2009 Soleil Zeuhl (as "Introduction")

Release details: The original had only been released as a demo cassette prior to a small tour. The tape is incredibly obscure, and I didn't even know of its existence until doing research for the CDRWL. Soleil Zeuhl's CD reissue is excellent, and would be the only copy anyone would ever need, unless they insist on a vinyl copy. There's been confusion over the date, but the CD reissue clarifies this for us, and 1982 is indeed correct. A few sites still have the 1985 date attached. OK, so loyal reader Achim has further qualified this. Apparently the date inside the CD is incorrect, and this has been confirmed by the label. The band was formed in 1983, so therefore the 1982 date is impossible. 1985 is the accepted date.

Notes: When Shub Niggurath released "Les Morts Vont Vite" in 1986, hardcore Zeuhl fans everywhere were frothing at the mouth, dirtying their dogeared copies of Lovecraft, while frantically chanting Kobaia and envisioning a world of Magma and Univers Zero dominance. Personally, while I found the album quite good (and still do), I did feel it lacked a bit in the melody, groove, and soul departments. It was all manic depressive - all the time. And they were quite the noisy bunch if truth be told. Well a year before that, unbeknownst to but a few of the Secret Order of the Golden Fleece, there was a privately released cassette. And if you loved "Les Morts Vont Vite", then this album will put you in HOG HELL. Not much variation of their classic sound, doom & gloom, and well... still a bit noisy... But, yea, that would make you happy wouldn't it?

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